Greg Billock, Ph.D.


Phone: 626-372-2903 

Altadena, CA 91001


Professional Experience


Chief Software Architect, iSpheres

Responsible for architecture, implementation of core real-time, event-driven data stream processing engine (Pat. Pending). 

As acting CTO, managed company’s strategic technical direction. 

Coordinated technical sales for a large IP licensing deal to a leading software infrastructure company. 

Developed real-time basket trading application for the bond futures market. 

Architected and directed implementation of a real-time business monitoring solution for a leading credit card clearing company. 

Developed technology for graphical (browser-like) data extraction tool for internet sites. 

Designed and implemented high-performance system for event-driven real-time time series analytics (Pat. Pending). 

Designed and implemented message-driven hub for content-based application layer routing and event management platform. 

Customer deliveries in bond trading, software infrastructure, data assurance, military command and control, business applications monitoring.


Graduate Research Assistant, California Institute of Technology

Investigated the use of laser diodes for holographic memories, novel techniques for holographic storage, and software systems for control of complex systems.


Self-employed, Internet software consultant

Architected, implemented open source collaborative and content management Internet software; supported clients including individual designers, start-ups, web media companies, and Fortune 500 companies.



Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering -  California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA


M.S. Electrical Engineering -  California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA


B.S. Electrical Engineering -  Walla Walla College, College Place, WA

Accomplishments, Awards, Publications

  • Ph.D. thesis: Attentional control of complex systems, investigating the control of complex systems in real-time environments using algorithms inspired by brain architecture. Performed research in neuromorphic systems, algorithm development, operations research, machine learning, and clustering. (Learning with an attention-based supervisor, Billock, Gray, Psaltis, and Koch, ICCS 2001; Attention as an Optimal Computational Strategy, Neurobiology of Attention ed. Itti, Rees, Tsotsos, in press.)
  • Developed novel attentional algorithm for solving the bin packing problem. (The Match-Fit Algorithm – A Testbed for the Computational Motivation of Attention, Billock, Psaltis, Koch, LNCS 2073 II, p. 208-216)
  • Implemented a prototypic holographic system using phase-locked visible laser diodes (Holography with Phase-Locked Visible Laser Diodes, Billock, Xie, and Psaltis, OSA 1996)
  • Developed and optimized a novel holographic memory system using multiple incoherent laser diodes (Multiple laser diode geometry for high-speed compact holographic memories, Billock, Chuang, Yang, and Psaltis, CLEO 1998)
  • Created Open Source software packages for content management and web collaboration (,
  • Designed and implemented a full custom digital VLSI layout for a programmable digital filter (Mentor Graphics 1994 design contest First Prize winner)
  • Designed and built an all-band, customizable modulation radio transceiver using DSP digital filtering (Texas Instruments 1994 Hot Stuff design contest First Prize winner)
  • Cultivated experience in large variety of software and hardware technologies: Algorithms, Systems design, Java, C/C++, PHP, Perl, Linux and NT administration, internet technologies, DSP, VLSI, etc.

References available upon request