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The Latest

I work at Google on video search. Christy works at LLU teaching Occupational Therapy. We have two children. Hudson's in kindergarten and doing very well. Sage is two and talking up a storm. We live in Altadena, CA.


Many people use my EditTag software, a simple Perl package for content editing.
I have also developed Terra Cotta, a full-fledged content management framework in PHP.
If you like mapping and terrain rendering, here is an old project to convert USGS DEM files to TGA files for raytraced scenery.
I've made some other CGI scripts of interest, such as a VerifySub script to facilitate mailing list subscriptions, and misc. other obsoleted articles.
A while back I made a Thermo-electric cooler control circuit available.


AAF Talk
Some pictures of favorite hikes in the Sierra
Christy and I
Ph.D. Thesis: Attentional Control of Complex Systems


Here is my resume in html (or txt)